What We Do

We encourage leaders and their teams to be proactive strategic thinkers and planners. The process begins by looking beyond the day-to-day and asking transformative questions….

  • Are we performing up to potential?
  • Is our growth engine firing on all cylinders?
  • Does our business model still work?
  • Is our company creating (or dissipating) value?

Big ticket inquiries, when supported by data, produce fresh insights and practical actions for improving company performance as measured by conventional value metrics like Revenue Growth, Margins, and Operating Profit.

Pause…noun. a brief moment of intense reflection to consider alternative actions

We use proprietary Diagnostics to quickly size up what’s driving performance including current business practices and less-evident intangibles such as the ideas, beliefs, and intent behind the numbers.

Our unique SnapshotTM tool adds quantitative insights on value creating efforts. The multi-rater survey reveals collective views on the effectiveness of organizational business practices and whether current assumptions or stated opinion is consistent with actual practice.

“It’s easy to say we’re growth-oriented or innovative but do everyday practices support the claim?”

SnapshotTM also indicates the degree of alignment-at-the-top. Differing opinions, especially on important strategic or operational matters routinely surface in the heat of battle leading to either optimal solutions, possible impasse, or worse, sub-optimal performance. Our skillful use of the data helps leaders solidify alignment.

“Clarifying direction and getting everyone on the same page is key to strengthening company performance and future prospects.”

Accelerate…verb. to cause faster or greater development  

We then collaborate with clients to design and execute 100-Day Plans. The aggressive 100 day schedule creates the urgency, focus, and accountability needed to accelerate substantive change.

Plans are organized around a small number of mutually-agreed upon, high-impact initiatives to improve performance as measured by standard business metrics. These game changers are innovative solutions that lead to short-term performance gains and longer-term positioning.

We often take the lead during execution of the Plan collaborating with designated internal resources throughout the process. Post 100 days, we help clients integrate changes through check-ins, individual leader or team coaching and further development, or special projects. To fully leverage our acquired client knowledge, we are also available to serve in an advisory board capacity.