“We engaged Todd to work with our firm and several clients. His SnapshotTM diagnostic enabled us to tighten our focus, resulting in double-digit, top- and bottom-line growth. We’ve seen similar value in his 100 Day Plans with our clients. Do you have the strategy, market approach, and resources to accomplish your mission? In many cases, no one is asking these questions. Todd does.”

Managing Partner, Boston Area CPA Firm

“I met with the owners and new CFO of a client I referred to Todd. All three separately went out of their way to praise Todd’s work. Good to know for other opportunities to improve client performance.”

Partner, Boston Area CPA Firm  

“Todd brings a unique blend of business expertise, creativity, and human psychology to the never ending task of improvement. He makes valuable contributions to any company making or seeking transitions or just improving overall effectiveness.”

Former Biotechnology CEO, currently a partner at a private equity firm  

“I was navigating a major transition with my business and I was not sure about the possible outcomes. Working with Todd helped me regain and sharpen my focus, develop a new vision for taking the company forward, and re-assess the value proposition of the business in it’s entirety.”

President Alternative Transportation and Organic Food Distribution Company

“I can’t say enough for Todd. Not only did he help turn my company around but he became a friend. I’ll never look at my company the same way.”

–CEO, Financial Services

“We had the great fortune of having Todd provide consulting services for us. His vast knowledge in strategic and organizational development was invaluable. Todd’s excellent communication, organizational, and people skills make him an ideal person that I still count on to this day.”

–Manager, Engineering Equipment and Services