What is SnapshotTM?

Snapshot is an online multi-rater organization development survey tool.

How does Snapshot differ from other organization assessment tools?

Snapshot is inclusive and holistic. Owners, leaders, and their teams share their unique perspectives on the entire organization as opposed to a single aspect like culture, and use the data in their strategic planning process.

What insights does it offer?

How companies actually operate on proven value practices, degree of alignment-at-the-top, and what can be done to improve standard metrics like Growth Rate, Margins, and Operating Income. The net gain is a company-specific roadmap for improving organization and financial outcomes.

How does Snapshot work?

Owners and/or company leaders select employee participants who independently evaluate 11 value drivers and related organizational practices. Each participant receives an email with access to the online survey and the opportunity to provide their unique perspective, independently and anonymously.

Are there prerequisites for using Snapshot?

Companies should have an operating track record of at least two years and revenues above $1 million. There is no ceiling for company size. Snapshot is flexible and scalable.

Do company circumstances matter?

Snapshot adds value to a variety of circumstances. Leaders of growth or underperforming companies benefit from being aligned, knowing whether value practices are effective, and gaining consensus on the actions most likely to improve performance.

How can owners and leaders use Snapshot data?

Specific applications include: 1. Diagnostics, 2. Yearly strategic planning and leadership team building sessions, 3. Proactive planning for scaling up, 4. Preparation for business transition, or 5. Business transformation.

Are there sample size criteria for Snapshot use?

An appropriate sample size consists of at least three individuals with in-depth company knowledge.

How long does it take to complete Snapshot?

Average completion time is approximately 30 minutes but varies by individual.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround, defined as the readiness to present results to the client, is one week from the time all participant surveys are completed.

How is Snapshot data delivered?

Clients receive a comprehensive report showing aggregate, as opposed to individual, value practice ratings and areas of alignment or misalignment among participants. Data is reviewed by TSG and participants in a collaborative feedback process designed to create consensus on organization implications and next moves.

Is Snapshot a standalone tool?

Depending on circumstances, Snaspshot is either one part of a rigorous diagnostic process that includes interviews and financial review or a standalone tool for leadership team development and organization planning.