Organization SnapshotTM

Achieving positive trends in Growth Rate, Margins, and Operating Income is an organization-wide effort. We call it the value challenge. Starting with the leadership team, the entire company gains by knowing what it takes to win in the marketplace.

“The trick is to get everyone aligned around winning’s singular purpose.”

Organization SnapshotTM, our multi-rater diagnostic survey, helps leaders and their teams succeed. The tool provides data on the effectiveness of organization practices and extent of alignment…both key success factors.

Securing multiple perspectives from the entire team is the only way to gauge organization alignment and the corresponding ability to execute key initiatives, effectively.

Leaders and their teams receive:

  •  Comprehensive view of business value practices
  •  Degree of leadership and organization alignment
  •  Basis to initiate value enhancing actions

SnapshotTM results create a framework for leaders to initiate positive organization change. Bottom line: Companies that employ proven value practices are more profitable and down the road “show” better to potential investors.

SnapshotTM targets 11 value drivers that influence performance outcomes:

  1. Growth Engine – leverage opportunities to increase revenues.
  2. Technology – use technology to improve business performance.
  3. Innovation – strive to differentiate the company.
  4. Markets – establish insight into market opportunities.
  5. Customers/Clients – actions to develop productive relationships.
  6. Products/Services – create profitable value-add offerings.
  7. Strategy – establish company direction, focus, and execution capability.
  8. Operations – create cost-effective organization efficiencies.
  9. People – develop an engaged and committed workforce.
  10. Financial – establish a data-centric mindset to manage performance.
  11. Culture – enable adaptive, responsive, and innovative operating values.

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