Our engagement values reflect perspective gained from years of business experience. Being on both sides of the desk and adding value in very large and very small companies enables us to help leaders respond to their challenges in novel ways.

Organization is King

We elevate the organization because it’s the PRIMARY ASSET around which everything revolves and depends. That’s where our true value, obligation, and advocacy lie.

Size or Sector doesn’t Matter

Bold perhaps, but true. Factor out scale differences and the leadership challenges of $10M vs. $100M companies are remarkably similar. The same applies to companies in different sectors and markets. Value driver practices are the great equalizer and must be established, regardless of size or sector.

All for One, One for All

Establishing effective collaborative relationships with clients is one of two sine qua non elements of our engagements. Mutual commitment to achieve meaningful results is the other.

Discover Value in Novelty

A worthy transformative goal for all leaders and their organizations. We encourage our clients to see their worlds differently…and support their journeys with sounding-board precision.

No Stone Left Unturned

Euripides got it right with this adage. With all their moving parts, companies are best approached holistically using Diagnostics to sort the essential from the less impactful or the nice-to-haves.


This is a precious aspect of our value proposition. We instill truthfulness into what we do in supporting or challenging individuals, ideas, processes, or initiatives.


Complacency is dangerous and costly. The responsive mindset we promote is the antithesis of it.


Focus and resolution, as opposed to non-productive or endless debate, must carry the day.

Repetition Limited

There’s a natural tendency to psychologically revisit, and often repeat, the past. Prolonged psychological journeys down memory lane are counterproductive to moving companies forward.

Knowledge is Power

Share what we know, always and unequivocally. We’re joyful when clients demonstrate their learning through actions that positively impact their companies.