How We Work

Diagnostics + 100 Day Plans power our tightly orchestrated, flexible change process that includes a third phase we call Integration.

Each phase yields specific deliverables. Diagnostics bubble up recommendations for 100 Day Plan design and execution informs Integration options to maintain momentum.

Leaders can opt into the entire cycle or employ only Diagnostics to determine where to begin to improve performance in their companies.

Getting started…

Engagements start with establishing rapport and the commitment to achieve substantive results. We get to know our clients as business leaders and people to better appreciate their unique aspirations and organization challenges. The best interests of their companies are front and center from beginning to end.

“Our capacity to view issues through business, organizational, and psychological lenses is what sets us apart.”

Like a championship team, we play the game as required: whether drilling into numbers, adjusting organization systems, or navigating through challenging family or highly charged matters. Our flexibility enables leaders’ to quarterback their most pressing business issues, effectively.

Organization dynamics are often complex. Yet to us, our singular focus on value-oriented engagements is elegant, and elegant is efficient. It’s why we employ a structured approach and emphasize integrity, collaboration, and flexibility in all of our communications. Every action taken promotes new ways of thinking about and operating your company.

When a client proclaims, “I’ll never look at my company the same way,” we’ve accomplished something special, together.